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Dr. Sonia Leziy and Dr. Brahm Miller


May 11, 2011, 8 AM – 3 PM – click here for event brochure & registration form

An architectural plan for creating ideal implant esthetics: a vision for success and change

Conventional concepts in esthetic restorative treatment generally focus on establishing ideal tooth form and colour. Often overlooked is the challenging interplay with the surrounding gingival framework. An understanding of how to treat and enhance tissue form in conjunction with conventional restorative and implant treatment is a crucial element to a highly successful aesthetic result.

This course will emphasize strategies to idealize the esthetic outcome of treatment from surgery to case completion, and how the surgical-restorative team vision and interaction can positively impact treatment outcomes. Specific topics to be addressed include:

  • Hard tissue regeneration procedures and outcomes.
  • Surgical techniques to control hard and soft tissue outcomes: extraction techniques through implant placement and restoration protocols.
  • Implant positioning: the critical impact on aesthetic success.
  • Improving hard and soft tissue stability through implant design and abutment design.
  • Soft tissue management to ensure long-term tissue stability.
  • Provisionalization: Fine tuning the soft tissue form. Easily implemented techniques for implants and pontic sites.
  • Techniques to transfer accurate information to the laboratory about soft tissue form around implants.
  • Optimizing gingival tissue health and esthetics: zirconia abutments and all-ceramic restorations.
  • The inter-implant papilla: the persisting challenge of adjacent implant placement.